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Top Rated Legal Testosterone Boosters

Legal Testosterone BoosterBefore we even get into what the top rated legal testosterone boosters are lets set a better foundation on the subject of testosterone first. Testosterone is definitely one of the most well known hormones in the public eye.

It gives a person a mental picture of someone with bulging muscles and thought of as a masculine individual. The fact of the matter is testosterone does contribute to sex drive and the amount of muscle mass, it also contributes to mood regulation and the strength of your bones.

When a males testosterone level falls below a normal level, there are certain medical treatments that can help such as patches, gels or shots. There has been, for quite some time an argument as to whether an individual needs medical treatment or not. We are not here to tell you one way or the other, we don’t pass out medical advice only research and experience.

As we get older, a drop in testosterone levels start to occur. Now most of the time this is a slow drop, dropping only a small amount as the years tick by. This is all a normal part of aging that we will all go through. It has been called by some andropause or it has also been called male menopause. For most of us this usually never really causes much problems medical wise. Usually small symptoms such as low sex drive, easily irritated or moody and maybe some hot flashes as well.

Testosterone Boosters and What They Are

Testosterone boosters are herbal supplements that are legal. Their purpose is to raise the level of testosterone in the body. Even though these supplements are not regulated by the FDA many athletes and bodybuilders continue to turn to testosterone boosters to increase muscle mass and performance. I have heard many comments stating that testosterone boosters are now considered a natural alternative to steroids.

The big 3 that testosterone boosters contribute too the most are-

Gaining Muscle Mass:

When you use boosters along with some form of resistance training they can speed up the gain of muscle. During any kind of resistance training, muscles will break down with microscopic tears which repair themselves during periods of rest. When your testosterone level has been increased this speeds up the recovery time for the trained muscles. This allows athletes and body builders to workout longer and not have to worry about over training. Just remember that it is unproven that testosterone boosters will raise your testosterone levels enough to make a difference in muscle mass gain. But there are enough arguments for them from athletes who swear by there results. Check out our other article, Tips on Using Testosterone Boosters for Muscle Mass Gains.

A Boost to One’s Motivation:

One of the more common comments from people who use testosterone boosters is that they report increased aggressiveness and motivation while they are working out. When an athlete attacks his workouts with more aggression and motivation he will see quicker gains as a result. Even though testosterone has been tagged with aggressive behavior I feel that it has been a little exaggerated.

Improvements in Sexual Performance:

An increase in testosterone has been known to improve sexual need and performance. This has been found to be true in older men and also woman that are post menopause. Legal Testosterone Booster supplements are taken with the intent of them getting your body to increase your testosterone levels. This in turn also can increase sexual libido and fertility, and this can happen at the same time. Just remember that testosterone boosters are not meant to replace medical advice from a doctor and the prescriptions they prescribe.

In a summary legal testosterone boosters will make you look and feel better, plus notice a considerable increase in energy. You will also be able to finally get that body you always wanted from all that hard work in the gym. At last you will finally have that physique you always dreamed of.

The Top Rated Legal Testosterone Boosters Reviewed

When your trying to settle on which testosterone booster to try, you’ll find that there are going to be more choices than you can shake a stick at. The top of my list will always include a booster that has all natural ingredients and there are several out there to choose from. Some of them are great and some don’t produce the promised results.

Here are the Top Rated 3 Legal Testosterone Boosters on my list.

legal testosterone boosters

Pro Testosterone


#1. My top rated testosterone booster is Pro Testosterone, and has been for some time now. It has been very effective with giving the results that it promises. Check out our full review of Pro Testosterone Here.



Testosterone Boosters

Hammer XL

#2. Coming in close second is Hammer XL, it has so many positive reviews that after spending quite some time looking over them, 90% are a rating of 4 or higher. Out of a possible 5 that’s incredible. Learn more in our review of Hammer XL




Legal Testosterone Boosters

Test Worx

#3. Test Worx is really rating about the same as Hammer XL, it has over 1500 reviews on amazon and 89% of them are a 4 or better, 5 being highest rating you can get. You can read our detailed review of Test Worx here.

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